Problem Based Learning: A Manual?

As part of e21’s summer reading, I’d like to find a book about practically implementing project-based or problem based learning. Based on our trip to New Tech High, I’m already convinced that PBL could powerfully compliment what I currently do. The problem is that despite our trip to New Tech High, I don’t really know how to actually implement PBL.

I’d like to read a book containing specific instructions on implementing PBL. What are specific examples of PBL units? What are the purposes and methods of all the different components like the introductory paper, workshops etc. Perhaps most importantly, what are the common problems and practical solutions?

Anyone know of a book like this?



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  1. If you find that book, let me know. It appears that PBL theory and practice are too new to measure and are most effective when planned to meet the needs of the community they serve. It seems to me that we keep trying to make it something that it is not, which is an entire program in and of itself, when in fact it is another method of helping our students become thinkers, processors, and users of the skills being taught to meet the needs and survive in a more technological world.

  2. Try this one: Reinventing Project-Based Learning. I haven’t read it, but the Amazon description sounds pretty close to what you are seeking. Plus, it’s endorsed by ISTE.

  3. integratedintention

    Thanks! That one does look like it would be super useful!

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