Despite the title of the article,  A Tech Happy Professor Reboots, from The Chronicle of Higher Education, the featured “tech happy professor” is not disavowing his digital methods, just rolling back his message to include the essential first step.

Those on a quest for pure methodology must remember that regardless of which subject you teach or which methods you use to teach it, to quote a dear colleague: “you’ve got to be relatable.”


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  1. I believe there is a sort of “honeymoon” phase in teaching with technology. At first, it is captivating, beautiful and hot. You love it passionately. Then, as time goes by, you start to see the reality: it is not perfect, it can let you down, and it really is not the answer to peace, love and harmony in your classroom. (Forgive my analogy – I just got divorced.) It is simply another tool in the vast toolbox of affective teaching. The passion that you exude to inspire your students to learn and the connections you make with them is what really matters at the end of the day. It’s personal. We must remember to choose our tools (and spouses!), wisely.

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