Thoughtful Reflection on Khan Academy & Science Ed.


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  1. WOW. That was really eye-opening. I had never considered the point you made that watching a video without preconceptions re-enforces the student’s already-held (wrong) idea. I wonder if it is the nature of physics, rather than math and other sciences. I KNOW when watching a video on the topic of chemical reactions or the quadratic formula that I am in need of information (that’s why I went to the video), but everyone has played basketball or at least tried to juggle. Your results are powerful and give us much to consider.

    I have used and recommended Khan Academy videos as a “second voice” in addition to teacher lecture or textbook reading, rather than as a primary vehicle for learning. Sometimes, when the same concept is presented by another, there is just enough difference to turn the key for that “aha” moment.

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