Absent… Present! (via Skype)

One of my students has not been feeling well, and a recent test confirmed he had a common illness that will likely result in him missing a lot of school.  Pobrecito.

His friend suggested he might be willing to have us “chat him in”, or digitally enable him to attend class, so I had him get in touch and get us connected.  Another student had brought her laptop from home (can’t wait for the 1-to-1 laptops next year!) and the sick student Skyped in.

We all said “hola” and wished him well, then we got down to business.  We had a quiz to take, after all.  We placed the laptop on a table facing the SmartBoard so he could see and hear what we were talking about.

After a brief, post-weekend refresher on the material, everyone felt ready to take on the dreaded reading comprehension assessment.

I asked the student, who had been able to prep right along with us, if he would like to take the quiz as well, since he was ready.  “Sure,” he said.

I hopped on my laptop, uploaded the quiz as a Google doc, and shared it with him.  “Got it,” we heard him say almost immediately.

As the students turned in their quizzes they all waved to him again on the screen and said hi, and we invited him to stay on while we watched a few videos for the last few minutes of class.  He did.

If he keeps it up, he won’t miss a thing!


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  1. Fantastic. What a great use of the laptop and technology to serve a student’s education.

  2. integratedintention

    This is very neat because without it – the student would completely miss class. Having said that, I’m currently in a class where I Skype (actually hangout in Google+, but it’s the same thing) in to an in-person class (in Tempe, Az). I’m grateful that I can take this course that I otherwise couldn’t. However, as much as I love technology, video calling in is not the same as being in the class (at least to me). I wouldn’t do another class like this unless I had to or the technology improves.

  3. I’ve been Skyping in one of my students for about the past month; one of the great features of Skype is the screen sharing; that is, you can have the student see exactly is on your screen (and the SMARTboard!).

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