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If you have a spare second I highly recommend Frank Noschese’s “Action-Reaction” teaching reflections blog. Frank is a prominent high school physics teacher who’s extremely thoughtful posts go far beyond physics. Some of his most interesting reflections involve psydoteaching which he defines as

something you realize you’re doing after you’ve attempted a lesson which from the outset looks like it should result in student learning, but upon further reflection, you realize that the very lesson itself was flawed and involved minimal learning.

His “Khan Academy is an Indictment on Education” post was nominated by Edublog for most influential blog in 2011 and his “$2 interactive whiteboard” won the 2010 award for most influential post from Edublog. Whether you are interested in practical technology application, Khan Academy, or standards based grading his posts will make you think.

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I teach Honors Physics and AP Physics at Heritage Hall!

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  1. Karen Littlefield

    Nice entry regarding some future thinking in the design of lesson planning and success for our students. Thank you.

  2. That blog is awesome! I really liked the video embedded on his recent post about ibook author…very compelling and heart changing! I think Upper School students should watch it!

  3. integratedintention

    Yes, Apple’s video show’s how much potential ibooks have!

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