Professional Development Thoughts: Part I

Yesterday I attended my first webinar. The topic was using Edmodo (social networking) safely in the classroom. In some ways, attending a webinar seemed similar to a traditional lecture driven professional development session but there were also some differences. Like an “old school” presentation, the presenter talked through a PowerPoint presentation. The presenter was obviously knowledgeable and the presentation was smooth.

Since I was as interested in learning about webinars as I was social networking, I also signed up for the backchannel were audience members kept a running conversation during the presentation. While listening to a traditional session tends to be very passive the webinar was the opposite of that. While I was listening to the presenter, reading the PowerPoint and jotting down notes I was also trying to follow the backchannel conversation and fiddling with the webinar software (not smart). It was a little overwhelming. In the future I will need to be more careful with my attention especially with the backchannel. It can be very interesting but also distracting.

Overall, I think the advantages of webinars over traditional sessions are: some additional choice of topic, a small classroom feel (quite uncharacteristically for me, I even asked a question!) and convenience.


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  1. I too attended a webinar this Saturday hosted by K12. The title is what drew me in “Students Write More, You Grade Less!” (what teacher wouldn’t want that!), but I found the format a bit frustrating since you can’t see anyone (just their powerpoint presentation or website). I did come away with a really great tool I plan on using in my classroom called collaborative classroom which would work great next year when all students have a laptop, but it also fits in with the Harkness method that I use for class discussions, only in the collaborative classroom environment they have to be able to articulate their thoughts in writing rather than speaking. Here’s the link to my cc that I just started today (haven’t invited students to join yet).

  2. Thanks so much for attending some of our SimpleK12 webinars! We’re so glad that you took time to join us and that you learned something valuable for your classroom. If others are interested, we currently have all of our upcoming LIVE webinars available for free registration. See our upcoming (and growing) list here… And please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what topics you’d like or how we could make the experience better for you!

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